New Moon on the Farm

An all night time lapse on the farm in Saskatchewan.  Lightining bugs, and the milky way, what more could a girl ask for? June 15,2018

There is Something About the Moonlight in the Spring


If you have ever been to a party, and before you left said to yourself "I'm just going to stay for a little bit." ... Then proceeded to close the party down. This night was a photographer's version of that. I intended to be home by 3 am. Instead I ended up shooting time lapse ALL night. Then ended with a mini storm chase before sunrise. A perfect end to a perfect day.. well night :p

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Pratt Kansas

A storm passing outside the town of Pratt Kansas. It was a couple hours later a different system produced a tornado outside the town of Pratt. 

Aurora Time Lapse

May 1 2018 Bennington 3.0 Tornado

 Video from May 1 2018. I shot this sitting in the back of flash two. Footage of our EF3 tornado in northern central Kansas.  This tornado was on the ground for 23.4 km, was a kilometer wide, and reached wind speeds of 240 MILES per hour. Based completely from the footage we saw after the event, and from the fact all other chasers dropped out of the chase while we were still in pursuit it is likely we were the closest to the tornado.  At our closest we were 1 km away.  

As Day Turns to Night

As day turns to night in Southern Alberta. 

Final Chase Day

Final chase day on this adventure in Blockton Iowa. 

Kansas City Missouri