Code of Conduct

As a landscape and portrait photographer I believe it is important to have a code of conduct I follow each time I head out into the field. Also to bestow upon others who accompany me to be photographed, for workshops, or for fun.

I practice Leave No Trace ethics and principles. Pack out all waste and trash, leaving nothing behind.

I seek full permission when photographing on private property. I do not disclose locations of private properties, abandoned buildings, or the locations of sensitive or rare wildlife. 

I respect the rules and regulations of parks and reserves. Including but not limited to obtaining permits, and paying fees. 

I leave the landscape how I found it. Not moving rocks or logs that could disturb an ecosystem. 

Safety is at the forefront in the field. I recognize my own physical limitations, and the limitations of others with me. Before I depart I familiarize myself with the area including weather patterns, natural and man made hazards. 

I respect other photographers, and non-photographers sharing the same space. 

If photographing wildlife, my aim is to disturb wildlife as little as possible. To quickly shoot and move on, never baiting or calling out to wildlife, and having as minimal of an impact as possible. I will never photograph wildlife giving birth, or hatching. 

If I see someone disrespecting the environment and blatantly disregarding the well being of nature or wildlife, to speak to them in a calm, courteous and educational manner if it is appropriate and safe to do so. If clients are being disrespectful the shoot will stop.

Nightscape of an abandoned Alberta bridge.

Nightscape of an abandoned Alberta bridge.